These are membership resources of AMSPAR

Topical news from the NHS or England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The defence and prison services and other useful information.

This is the official membership resource for paid up members of AMSPAR

This is the official AMSPAR online Open Day

This is the official AMSPAR module for helping you with all your reference and research materials.

The practipedia is a library of resources that will both help with your studies and help you in your leadership and management role.

This is the official AMSPAR module for recording your own CPD.  It is linked to our educational material and our competency framework toolkit.  You have options about how your record your CPD and you can choose to record it informally or you can complete a peer review and get formal recognition.

This is the ideal way to demonstrate your professional lifelong learning and it will assist you with your annual appraisal.

This Toolkit is based on the 2004 GMS contract, annex C.  The Practice Managers' core competency framework, which details the competencies required at different managerial levels.  These are administrative, practice manager and strategic manager.  It is also based on the book by Steve Williams, General Practice : It's your business, published 2006, ISBN 978-0-9554803-1-7 and the 2nd edition, published 2010 and General Practice : It's STILL your business, e-book released July 2019, which explores these competencies concentrating on providing information on every aspect of practice management and illustrates the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) for today's modern manager.

It allows you to annually assess your currently level of competency and highlight areas for future development.